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  Lawrence Holland

Lawrence (Larry) Holland, Founder, President and Creative Director of Totally Games, has designed and developed computer games for more than 20 years. He has led the creation of many of the industry’s most successful and critically acclaimed titles, including the X-Wingâ family of games, developed for LucasArts Entertainment Company. Larry graduated Magna Cum Laude from Cornell University with a degree in Anthropology and Prehistoric Archeology in 1979. After graduation, he spent two years exploring Africa, Europe, India and the United States on archaeological expeditions. His plan to earn a doctorate in Anthropology was interrupted when he realized that computer games were the perfect medium for combining his professional and personal interests.

His game industry career began at Human Engineered Software (HesWare) converting arcade games such as Super Zaxxon® to home computers. He became an original game designer in 1984 with a space simulation game called Project: Space Station. He contributed to PHM. Pegasus and Strike Fleet, two modern naval simulations that were published by Electronic Arts in the mid-1980's. In 1987, he began designing a trilogy of WWII air combat games to be published by Lucasfilm Games (later to be renamed LucasArts). After several years of leading independent projects, his team became officially incorporated in 1994 and became Totally Games in 1995.

Larry's keen interests in simulations, flight action and storytelling are reflected in the X-Wingâ series of games, a consensus Top Ten series of all time. These space combat simulations are set in the Star Wars universe and include Star Wars®: X-Wing® Alliance™ (1999), X-Wing® Collectors Series (1998), X-Wing® vs. TIE Fighter® (1997), TIE Fighter® (1994) and X-Wing® (1993). More recent work has included Star Trek: Bridge Commander® (2000) and a return to WWII topics with Secret Weapons Over Normandy® (2003) developed for the PS-2 and Xbox game consoles.

Now, after more than 2 decades, Larry still loves designing and programming games. He is successfully integrating his computer game talents with his interests in ancient history, science, computer technology and his favorite hobby, hawk watching.

Larry Holland strives to create totally involving games.  He uses the phrase "total involvement" to capture the essence of what all great entertainment does: it totally captivates people.

Great entertainment is experienced on many levels: by being viscerally exciting, emotionally dramatic and intellectually stimulating. His goal is to craft products that so effectively immerse players into our game worlds that they will keep playing and enjoying them for years to come. 

Larry's vision for the company is to expand the rigid definition of "simulations" and "games" by designing new and more engrossing experiences that completely absorb the players into the rich and complex worlds we have created.
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