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  Lakota - Company Mascot
Lakota was born in 1993 and graduated from puppy school in 1994 with a degree in trashcan raiding and popcorn stealing. Since joining the company, she has perfected her thievery techniques to such a degree that a pickpocket would marvel at her skills. As a veteran of most of Totally Games' products, she has proved vital to keeping the office clean. She vacuums up any dropped morsels, but her special target is popcorn. She remains alert for the slightest sounds of popping from the microwave. Once she detects what's going on, she diligently guards the kitchen entrance, wary of intruders who seek to steal her share of the popcorn bounty. While she has
lost a step or two in the last year, her reflexes for snatching her favorite
snack are still top notch.


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