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LucasArts Announces: Star Wars: X-Wing Alliance

Legendary Millennium Falcon And Dramatic Battle Of Endor Await
The Bravest Starfighters In Star Wars®: X-Wing® Alliance From Lucasarts

Long-Awaited Return to Famed X-Wing Series Features Epic Battles, New Ships, and Intriguing Dual Storylines

SAN RAFAEL, Calif. — September 6, 1998 — In the tradition of the award-winning Star Wars space combat classics X-Wing and TIE Fighter®, Entertainment Company LLC announces Star Wars: X-Wing Alliance. Expected to release first quarter 1999, X-Wing Alliance continues the critically acclaimed series developed in conjunction with Totally Games.

X-Wing Alliance immerses players in dramatic and intense Star Wars action and offers a significantly enhanced 3D experience. The game features story-driven single-player gameplay, multiplayer options, and climaxes with a first-ever opportunity to pilot the Millennium Falcon in the assault on the second Death Star during the pivotal Battle of Endor.

"The highly anticipated addition of the Millennium Falcon in X-Wing Alliance finally gives Star Wars game fans what they've long hoped for -- the chance to emulate Han Solo by flying the legendary Corellian transport into the heat of battle," says Larry Holland, lead designer for Totally Games. "In addition, players will enjoy the game's technical advancements, rich gameplay, and deeply engaging story, providing the most rewarding X-Wing game experience to date."

X-Wing Alliance presents an exhilarating story-driven collection of single and multiplayer missions spread throughout the most expansive battle environments in the history of the X-Wing game series. The game balances two intriguing narratives, with the primary story focusing on the Rebel Alliance's struggle for survival after bitter defeat by the Galactic Empire in the tumultuous Battle of Hoth. The secondary story, which runs parallel, is a classic Star Wars tale of two rival families caught not only in the middle of the epic military conflict, but battling each other for control of an interstellar trading business. As a member of one of the families, the player joins the Rebel Alliance while supporting his family's efforts to repel their rival's hostile actions and takeover attempts.

The scale of action in X-Wing Alliance is more than doubled over previous Star Wars flight simulations, resulting in more spectacular battles that include twice as many craft and objects. Missions can occur in up to four sectors of activity and battles can be waged within the same planetary group, solar system, or locations scattered throughout the galaxy. Players' craft are equipped with hyperdrive, allowing for hyperspace travel to different sectors during a mission.

Throughout X-Wing Alliance players can pilot a variety of familiar and never-before-seen, newly optimized craft, including the Millennium Falcon and Corellian transport ships, the X-wing, A-wing, B-wing, Y-wing and Z-95. The Millennium Falcon and other transports allow players to control the quad laser cannon turrets that Han Solo and Luke Skywalker used to destroy attacking TIE fighters in the film Star Wars: A New Hope. The game's immersive playing environments also include 3D cockpits, allowing for 360 degree views inside and out, and a 3D hangar which serves as a base of operations.

X-Wing Alliance will feature a challenging multilevel pilot proving ground designed to help players learn the basics of flying and hone their gunnery skills. Players are timed as they navigate through an obstacle-strewn race course while shooting at randomly placed targets. The proving ground is essential to pilots wishing to fly military fighters and bombers for the Rebel Alliance, who must successfully complete two training missions in order to qualify.

Other game highlights include: A customization feature for quick set up of single and multiplayer scenarios allowing players to determine mission parameters such as the number and types of ships and targets, and a "Secret Weapons of the Empire" battle involving experimental starfighters.

X-Wing Alliance gameplay includes more than 50 single player missions and five multiplayer missions (Internet: up to four players; LAN: up to eight players; Modem: 2 players; Serial multi-play support: 2 players).

X-Wing Alliance will support 3D acceleration as an option as well as new interface devices such as Force Feedback and rudder pedals.

Star Wars: X-Wing Alliance is developed by Totally Games in conjunction with LucasArts Entertainment Company. Totally Games has a long-standing relationship with LucasArts, and is responsible for the development of the X-Wing and TIE Fighter line of products as well as Secret Weapons of the Luftwaffe®, Their Finest Hour: The Battle of Britain® and Battlehawks 1942®.


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