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Totally Games Announcement of Incorporation

Leading Computer Game Development Firm Announces Its
Incorporation As Totally Games

SAN RAFAEL, CA, March 25, 1997 — Reflecting its commitment to design totally involving computer games, the company that has developed some of the industry's most successful titles today announced that it has incorporated as Totally Games. Based in San Rafael, CA, Totally Games creates computer games in the historical flight and science fiction space combat simulation genres.

Founder Lawrence Holland, who has designed and developed computer games for more than 13 years, serves as president and lead designer of Totally Games. He has led the creation of such successful games as the X-Wing® family of Star Wars® space combat simulations, developed for and in conjunction with publishing partner LucasArts Entertainment Company.

"We selected the name Totally Games because it conveys our corporate goal of designing and developing games that totally involve the player — intellectually, physically and emotionally," said Holland, who was an archeologist prior to becoming a game designer in 1984.

At Totally Games, "our priorities are to create a stimulating game with excellent gameplay," he said. "Stunning graphics are vitally important, as they engage the player's imagination, mind and emotions. Just as critical is to have a game that offers the player challenging, stimulating play. Our mission builder and simulation engine support some of the richest gameplay in the industry."

As an independent game developer, Holland and his team have developed games in conjunction with LucasArts for years. The result has been a line of award-winning flight simulation products, including the X-Wing® family and a trilogy of World War II air combat simulations. The X-Wing® titles include X-Wing®, TIE Fighter®, and X-Wing® vs. TIE Fighter®. The WWII trilogy includes Battlehawks 1942®, Their Finest Hour: The Battle of Britain, and Secret Weapons of the Luftwaffe®.

Designed for the young adult as well as the older player, the titles that Totally Games has created with LucasArts are historically accurate and intended to be so involving "that the player loses himself or herself in the fantasy," noted Holland. "Total involvement is the pinnacle of what you can experience in entertainment software as well as in life. At Totally Games, our mission is to create this kind of total involvement.


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