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Totally Games [TG] is a highly respected independent electronic game design and development studio based in Marin County, California. The company has helped drive the evolution and growth of electronic entertainment with its more than 20 years experience and numerous top-selling, critically acclaimed titles to its credit. A few of those titles include X-Wing, TIE Fighter and Star Trek: Bridge Commander.

Utilizing its depth of experience, staff of high caliber talent and state of the art technology, TG offers a unique combination of game development services on a wide range of platforms, including the Wii , Playstation 3, Xbox 360, Playstation 2, PlaystationPortable, and PC as well as web-based games, and games for mobile phones and other handheld devices.


TG works with start ups to Fortune 500 companies, offering the following studio services:

  1. Game development from concept to ship on original or licensed properties, from handheld to next gen.
  2. Game production services for existing designs.
  3. Game design consulting that provides specific, short term or broader, long term design expertise on third party, original or licensed electronic entertainment projects.
  4. Complete design and development services for advergaming projects, i.e.entertainment experiences that promote or advertise third party products and services.
  5. Design only or design and development services for “Serious Games” applications


  1. 2009: Cisco launches on its Learning Network a network training game designed and developed by TG
  2. 2007: TG launches new direction developing action RPGs. First title to launch in this new category is Alien Syndrome slated to debut in fall 2007 on the Wii and PSP for Sega of America
  3. 2006: Innovation begins on Serious Games projects with a UAV project for DARPA
  4. 2004: TG creates first multiplayer game that is connected to a theme park in real time (download Lightyear Astroblasters)
  5. 2003: Company unveils its first PlayStation 2, Xbox console title with Secret Weapons Over Normandy, returning to WWII air combat
  6. 2001: TG develops Star Trek: Bridge Commander for Activision
  7. 1998: Company unveils its last X-Wing era game with release of X-Wing Alliance after 4 major titles
  8. 1997: TG’s first multiplayer game released, X-Wing vs. TIE Fighter
  9. 1994: Company incorporates and changes name to Totally Games
  10. 1993: Company moves into its X-Wing era developing X-Wing followed by TIE Fighter for LucasFilm Games
  11. 1991: TG creates its final WWII game with release of Secret Weapons of the Luftwaffe for Lucasfilm Games
  12. 1988: Company launches its era of WWII games with Battlehawks 1942 published by LucasFilm Games
  13. 1986: TG signs first contract with LucasFilm Games to develop PHM Pegasus, a modern naval simulation
  14. 1985: Company publishes its first original game, Project Space Station, on the C-64 and Apple II with HesWare
  15. 1984: Totally Games founded (originally as Micro Imagery) by Lawrence Holland, programmer and game designer from Human Engineered Software (HesWare), an early developer of video games for the Commodore 64 and VIC-20

Our People

TG hand-selects its team members making sure we share common values for passion, ingenuity, work ethic, teamwork, and productivity. We consider everyone an integral part of the team, whether in Design, Art, Programming, Management or Administration. Our team consists of veterans who have grown with TG since its early days and, more recently, we have recruited to add depth and fresh, innovation thinking to our team. We're a growing staff of 30 members and we’ll continue to build our capabilities and deliberately add talent as our projects grow. Check out our jobs page if you’re interested in becoming part of the TG team.


Lawrence Holland, CEO/president and creative director of Totally Games, has designed, developed and managed the development of electronic games for almost 25 years. He has led the creation of many of the industry's most successful and critically acclaimed titles, including the X-Wing series for LucasArts Entertainment Company. Graduating magna cum laude from Cornell University with a degree in anthropology and prehistoric archeology, he ultimately leveraged his passion for uncovering and understanding early human civilizations into crafting, recreating and inventing new modes of fun using modern day interactive technology. Holland’s game industry career began at Human Engineered Software (HesWare) in the early 1980’s as a design-oriented programmer. In 1984 Holland went out on his own to form his own game development company called Micro Imagery which was eventually renamed to Totally Games. Through the 90s he continually developed and expanded his expertise in game design, project and business management. Today he is responsible for the overall direction of the company and he provides creative and quality oversight on every project the company takes on.

Robin Holland, COO/vice president, brings more than two decades of management expertise to Totally Games. After obtaining her bachelors'degree at San Francisco State University, Robin worked for 7 years in account management and media with multinational advertising agencies Foote Cone & Belding and Young & Rubicam. Management positions with Gary Fisher Bicycle Company and LucasFilm Games led ultimately to her role with Totally Games in 1993 where she incorporated the company and built its core business systems. Robin’s focus is on Totally Games' strategic development, new business and oversight of its operations.

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