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Star Trekô Bridge Commander

Star Trek Bridge Commander: "Not Just Another Trek Game -- The Best One Yet"

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Star Trek Bridge Commander is the first space simulation set in the Next Generation universe that truly puts you in command of your own Starfleet starship and crew.

To boldly go where no one has gone before.... 

While on duty in a remote area of space, a nearby sun suddenly erupts releasing a deadly blast that damages your ship, kills your Captain and threatens nearby colonists. Now you must take control of your ship and lead your crew to solve the mystery. 

Your mission is clear -- discover the cause of the devastating explosion and prevent it from happening again. During the race you will battle the Cardassians, ally with the Klingons, investigate the unpredictable Romulans and reveal a secret plot that threatens the Federation itself.

For the latest information and screenshots of this game please check out its official web site

The excitement and the challenges grow as you and your crew race to find the cause through over 30 different missions. These will include many of Star Trek's most fundamental elements - defense, combat, diplomacy, exploration, rescue, and scientific discovery. For the first time you will be able to command both Galaxy and Sovereign class ships much like the U.S.S. Enterprise-D and U.S.S. Enterprise-E.

The question is -- can you keep your cool while bulkheads fail? Will you save your crew, save the colonists and defend the Federation from a new threat? Youl now have your chance as Star Trek Bridge Commander warped into stores in March of 2002.

Are you ready to take the Con?


Complete List of Reviews

"Lawrence Holland and Totally Games have crafted a game that's easily the most addictive, representative, and still enjoyable Star Trek experience yet. ...  Bridge Commander is the institutive, deep, pinnacle of Starship combat."  9/10 --

"The interface is so simple to use, the graphics are so impressive, and the overall story and gameplay are so satisfying. ...  No other Star Trek game quiet captures the tone and feel of the license."  4.5/5 Stars -- Gamesdomain

"Star Trek Bridge Commander is highly recommended" 4/5 Stars -- Gamepen

"Totally Games has managed to accurately translate the slow-paced tactical battles of the Star Trek universe into an interesting game.  Bridge Commander isn't the first space sim set in the Star Trek universe, but it is undoubtedly the best one." 8.2/10 Great   Gamepot US's Readers Agree -- 316 buyer rated it with an average score of 8.4!  -- Gamespot US  

"Bridge Commander is one of the most realistic and captivating starship simulations ever made. Never before have I been so immersed in a sci-fi game. Playing it gives you the feeling of being a part of the ďStar TrekĒ universe."  4/5 Stars  -- Adrenaline Vault

"Developer Totally Games is certainly no stranger to innovation or excellence.  In days of old, games were merely another great way to tell a story. Lately gaming has taken some different turns, but some titles still do try to do exactly that. This is where Bridge Commander really excels; it presents a gripping story and does so exceedingly well."  -- Action Vault

"Buy this game! Itís got the right mix of polish, fun, value, and broad appeal to make it an all around winner." -- Gamezilla

"Star Trek Bridge Commander is easily the most enjoyable game of the series.  With so many missed attempts at bringing the excitement and wonder of the show to an interactive electronic form it seams only statistically probable that eventually an entertaining game bearing the namesake of the franchise would kick ass, and STBC is without a doubt that game."  8.8/10 -- GameZone

"There were more than a few times when I found myself clenching my fist and shouting "Fire!" a la Kirk in The Wrath of Khan as my ship delivered the killing blow in the form of a photon torpedo. And I'm not even that huge of a Trek fan. The atmosphere and excitement of two really big, highly advanced machines shooting at each other is well conveyed, and the folks at Totally Games have done a good job of making sure you get a good view of it."  --

"Lawrence Holland and team have done their usual good job, and Trek fans will feel at home in this action adventure."  85/100 --

"Bridge Commander is an incredible game. Fans of Totally Games previous works, Star Trek fans, and the casual gamer should all enjoy this game."  96% -- Gaming Illustrated

"My verdict is, Trek fans won't be disappointed -- quite the contrary. Especially those of you who are fans of the Next-Generation universe. STBC is proof that all Star Trek games are not created equal. Some are better than others, and STBC just happens to be one of the better ones." 85/100  -- Action Trip

"Faithful to the Star Trek universe from start to finish with intense gameplay and dazzling graphics and sound, Bridge Commander is a winner!"  4.5/5 Stars -- PC Arena

"Totally Games and Activision have delivered on their promise of giving players Bridge Commander the sense of truly commanding a Trek starship. The only thing missing: having the captain seducing alien chicks. Oh canít have everything."  90% --  HomeLan Federation

"Bridge Commander has delivered an impressive, immersive title that finally has captured the essence of Star Trek" 85% --

"Playing, and still play and will continue to play, Star Trek: Bridge Commander was and is a unique gaming experience in and of its own self. The missions flow marvelously, just like the show. The narrative is excellent.  ... With Bridge Commander now on station, it looks like the classic games of old are making a comeback, with loads of fun and compelling story telling. And Bridge Commander combines all of these unique qualities and much, much more. It comes highly recommended."  93% -- PC Game Central

"Overall the game was more than I expected and truly made me feel like I was onboard a starship. I felt the need to say, "engage" a lot, after only a few missions. So if you are a Trekkie like so many of us gamers are, you will enjoy this new adventure into the realm of the Star Trek.  Bridge Commander has a wonderful storyline and the graphics are fitting for the Star Trek Universe."  9/10 Stars -- Gamer's Pulse

"Bridge Commander is an excellent game that Totally Games has done an excellent job on bring to life."  9/10 Stars -- ESC Magazine

"Conveying the feel of a starship captain wasnít an easy task, but Totally Games has pulled it off very well.  ... Star Trek fans should feel right at home as the story could have easily been an episode and the atmosphere of the series was translated exceptionally well."  8/10 Stars -- Entertainment Depot

"Bridge Commander is a good pick if you're yearning to travel to distant stars, meet interesting aliens, and kill them.  Strap into the center seat, sit back with some Earl Grey, and enjoy."  87%  -- Games Extreme

"Let me start by saying that I am not a big fan of Star Trek. Donít get me wrong, Iíve never held anything against the Star Trek franchise Iíve just never got that big into it. Having said that even for a non-Star Trek fan, such as myself, Star Trek Bridge Commander is a very enjoyable game."  10/10 Stars -- CCMagazine

"I find it very hard to give this game anything but a 5 , it had a great story, amazing graphics and a good deal of difficulty but at the same time not making it impossible for the average non trekie." 5/5 Stars - Monkey Review

"The realism that the bridge simulation gives to plays is unmatched to date, and the interaction between yourself and the bridge crew gives the true feeling of being in an episode of Star Trek: The Next Generation." -- The Laser

"I think you will enjoy this title in more than one way, assuming the role of the captain will leave you in charge in a lean mean, space machine, after all, no title is perfect right? Grab the bastard!"  --  Gamer's Hell

"An excellent effort from Totally Games, and fully worth the purchase." -- Gaming Age

"Totally Games took a unique approach to the space combat genre and did it right.  Everything in Bridge Commander is just "right"; it looks right, it sounds right and it feels right. Authentic representation of the Star Trek universe coupled with engrossing gameplay, customizability, multiplayer and the imminent release of an SDK."  95%  -- Ground BC

"In the end, Totally Games has created what is probably the single most engaging Star Trek gaming experience to date. What's more though, they have created a game that not only Star Trek fans will enjoy, this game should be bought by anyone that has even a passing interest in gaming. If you have a computer capable of handling this game, there is absolutely no excuse for not owning it. If you have ever imagined what it might be like to command the bridge of a starship, then this is as close as you are ever going to get." 9.6/10 Stars  --  Section 31 Gaming

"Totally Games have "Totally Delivered for Trekkies!"  Best game of it's kind" 9.3/10 Stars -- Australian Game Zone

"At times it is an adventure game, then it's a flight simulation, at another turn a space shooter. Whatever it is, it's a great game that any Trek fan can't pass by. Gamers from all genres should give it a go; it offers something for everyone and rarely disappoints."  -- Four Fat Chicks


Official Web Site

Check out the official Star Trek Bridge Commander web site for more information on this title.  

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